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7 Search Engine Ranking Tips to Make Google Happy in 2022

Here’s the truth: You can buy as many backlinks as you want, but money alone doesn’t improve search engine rankings. You need a thoughtful strategy for on-page and off-page optimization. 

To ensure optimal results from your search engine ranking efforts, here are 7 tips to Google hacks. Some of these don’t even cost you a thing. 

1. Don’t ignore on-site SEO

On-site page optimization is important. It doesn’t take much time to research for the relevant keywords and get high-valued content around those keywords. But it helps to boost the search engine ranking really fast. 

Content is important but well-written content with proper use of headings, subheadings, lists, quotes, etc. makes it easier for users to read and scan.

 If every page is consist of large paragraphs and it’s just all text, it is going to discourage people from reading it. 

As a result, your ranking might suffer. 

Remember, you are not writing for a personal journal or hefty book. You are writing for the internet where people don’t have time or patience to read every word. And most probably they are going to scan the site and decide whether to stay or leave in a matter of a few seconds.

2. Improve user experience

Does your website take time to load? Does it have heavy images or videos? You might want to have an attractive website that looks great but does it offers a great experience to the end-user? Google doesn’t like a website that loads slowly or doesn’t have sufficient content. 

It’s simple. If your website serves the need of the user, offers easy and smooth navigation, more people will likely visit your website or blog. Thus, increasing search engine rankings.

3. Publish great content

To make people visit your website you need to give them a reason. It’s important that you publish high-valued content on regular basis to make people come back to you every time they need information. 

When writing content, optimize it for search engines but prioritize humans. As they are the ones who you need to serve. You might be selling products or services, or sharing your travel experience with the community. In any case, write content while keeping your readers in mind. 

4. Press Release Distribution

Although a press release isn’t directly related to your website but having a story or news published in related journals with your backlink can help you build a great backlink portfolio. 

Press release distribution can be used as an opportunity to share the story of your brand or service with the community. It not only put you in front of the people aggressively looking for similar products or services you are offering but also gets you high-quality backlinks from reputed media journals. 

Here is an example of a newsworthy story being published by a leading PR distribution agency on behalf of their client. 

PR Distribution Editorial Team (2022. February 9). Tax Free Investing with Your IRA – Real Estate Lunch & Learn PRDistribution.

These days PR Distribution has become a very popular and cost-effective way to promote your business. You can acquire tons of high-quality relevant backlinks within days without breaking your bank. It’s the perfect technique for someone starting a business or already owning an established business and wanting to increase their internet visibility. 

5. Write guest posts

Backlinks work in two ways – (1) You get an appreciation/backlink from a website or blog organically because you wrote something amazing and they want to link you.  (2) you write a guest post at someone’s website with a backlink to your website or blog. 

In both ways, Google will admire your effort and increase your search engine ranking. The first way is, however, kind of difficult to achieve whereas the second option is faster and more predictable. 

With guest posting, you can control the number and quality of backlinks you are gonna earn. You can track your efforts and adapt accordingly. 

6. Use social media

Social media has weird love and hate relationships with business owners. We don’t want to spend time posting, commenting, sharing stuff but it’s hard to survive without having a proper social media presence. 

Social media shares can get you an instant boost in search engine ranking. One of the best ways is to add social sharing buttons on your website or blog and encourage people to share your content. 

7. Use search engine ranking software

Promoting your business online is a tedious and time-consuming process. Try to automate the whole process with the help of search engine ranking software and tools. You can use tools to do keyword research, find trending social media content, or post content to these platforms.