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Here’s How to Improve Your Website’s Search Engine Ranking in 2022

Need to improve your search engine rankings without spending too much? Follow these simple steps to increase your organic traffic. 

Create search engine optimized content

Well-crafted content around the targeted keywords is the key ingredient of your search engine rankings. Paid advertising works but it can’t be an alternative for great content – especially when you are looking for long-term internet visibility and brand awareness. Quality content specifically created to engage users and provide them with useful information improves your website’s authority and ranking. 

When it comes to creating content, keywords are important. You can keep writing for weeks without any results being delivered. The best route is to identify and target related keywords people are using to search online. Think about your customer’s needs or problems and then offer solutions through your content. 

You’ve probably noticed that websites being listed on the first page of Google’s search engine result page have pretty strong backlink profiles. Search engines including Google pay special attention to websites with a high number of relevant high-quality backlinks. 

Getting people to link back to you isn’t hard. You can create pillar posts on your website’s blog that solve your client’s problem that no one else is listening to or you can pitch other blogs or journals in your niche to link back to you. This is doable through guest posting where you offer 100% unique, search engine-friendly content in return for a backlink.

Update your content 

A blog or website with a little amount of content isn’t very useful. To get better search engine rankings you are gonna need lots of content on a regular basis. Regular updates are viewed as one of the best indicators of a company’s seriousness and relevancy, so be sure to keep it alive. Audit your content and make sure it’s always relevant to existing and potential customers. 

Improve your website design

According to research by many SEO companies, you are going to lose almost 40% of visitors if the web page takes longer than three seconds to load. What’s even worse is that search engines can actually sense that. This is terrible for your search engine rankings and it might ultimately drop your placement in SE result pages killing all organic traffic to the site. 

To increase your ranking and website’s popularity improve your website design as well as go for fast hosting providers. I’m sure you don’t want to lose your customers just because of the unnecessary big flashy images that might not be so helpful and can be easily replaced by optimized versions or even content. Do you? 

Optimize website for mobile devices

Gone are the days when people used to visit websites from their big-screen desktops. Now, mobile devices are trending. In fact, over 60% of users search Google from their mobile devices. To improve your website’s search engine rankings you need to optimize it for other mobile devices as well. 

If your website isn’t optimized for mobile, chances are you are gonna lose a big chunk of your ranking and traffic. 


Although there are many factors that come along when it comes to achieving a higher ranking, you’ll be fine if you follow the above steps carefully. In case you have any questions, feel free to get in touch with us.