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Case Study for an E-Commerce Website, one of the largest E-commerce websites for B2B & B2C lead generation in the USA, offers sales lead data. Sale and marketing people come to the website to get an email, phone, and other contact information of businesses and companies in a particular niche or location.

The site was registered back in 2019. In the first year, they focused on creating content for blogs, issuing press releases whenever get an opportunity, and creating backlinks. The task wasn't complicated but result in instant visibility, organic traffic, and sales with returning customers.

The website is ranking for 80+ keywords right now on Google with at least 10 keywords being ranked on the first page. The keywords are Leads Database, Lead Database, Sales Leads Database, Database Leads, Bussiness Opportunity Seekers Leads, Opportunity seekers leads, Business Leads Database, B2B Sales Leads Database.

Case Study for a Tech Startup leads the Desktop as a Service industry in performance per cost, while providing the latest Virtual Desktop ecosystems. It lets you connect to a windows desktop anywhere, anytime with any device.

Despite being an amazing startup idea, the site needed internet visibility, especially in the search engine result pages.

Currently, the website ranks for a total of 15+ keywords on Google. The website is ranking for keywords like Remote workstations, remote workstation, remote workstation pricing, 3DS remote workstation on Google's search result page # 1.

Speaker 1
Speaker 1

Case Study for a B2B E-Commerce site is the #1 cloud-based big data solution for any public relations, marketing and corporate communications agency, department or professional.

The team initially invested in high-quality backlinks while generating content for their own blog. The starting was humble but they keep making improvements by acquiring backlinks from other blogs of high DA.

Like any new website, it had no ranking or visibility. Everything had to be done from scratch. However, investing in contextual backlinking soon paid off and organic traffic reached up to 300%.

The website is currently ranking for 2,500 keywords on Google with almost 8 keywords ranked on the first page. The keywords include Media database, Media databases, Jouranlists database, Journalist databases, Radio Tv interview, Press database, Media Contact database, Media database service.

Case Study for a PR Agency

Press Release Jet is the #1 press release distribution service and team with high media ROI and some of the lowest plans in the industry. We are the preferred choice for small business, startups, corporations, non-profits, influencers, cryptocurrency and crowdfunding campaigns.

The website is currently ranking for a total of 16,000 keywords on Google. Internet visibility at such a large scale wasn't possible without high-quality backlinks. The site also ranks on the Google's number one page for keywords like PR Distribution, iReach PR newswire, Marketwired pricing, Business wire pricing, Market wired, Submit press release to Google news, Grand opening press release, Unlimited press release.

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